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Recent developments in the ABINIT software package 期刊论文
COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS, 2016, 卷号: 205, 页码: 106-131
Authors:  Gonze, X.;  Jollet, F.;  Araujo, F. Abreu;  Adams, D.;  Amadon, B.;  Applencourt, T.;  Audouze, C.;  Beuken, J. -M.;  Bieder, J.;  Bokhanchuk, A.;  Bousquet, E.;  Bruneval, F.;  Caliste, D.;  Cote, M.;  Dahm, F.;  Da Pieve, F.;  Delaveau, M.;  Di Gennaro, M.;  Dorado, B.;  Espejo, C.;  Geneste, G.;  Genovese, L.;  Gerossier, A.;  Giantomassi, M.;  Gillet, Y.;  Hamann, D. R.;  He, L.;  Jomard, G.;  Janssen, J. Laflamme;  Le Roux, S.;  Levitt, A.;  Lherbier, A.;  Liu, F.;  Lukacevic, I.;  Martin, A.;  Martins, C.;  Oliveira, M. J. T.;  Ponce, S.;  Pouillon, Y.;  Rangel, T.;  Rignanese, G. -M.;  Romero, A. H.;  Rousseau, B.;  Rubel, O.;  Shukri, A. A.;  Stankovski, M.;  Torrent, M.;  Van Setten, M. J.;  Van Troeye, B.;  Verstraete, M. J.;  Waroquiers, D.;  Wiktor, J.;  Xu, B.;  Zhou, A.;  Zwanziger, J. W.
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First-principles calculation  Electronic structure  Density Functional Theory  Many-Body Perturbation Theory  
ACTA MECHANICA SOLIDA SINICA, 2011, 卷号: 24, 期号: 1, 页码: 1-26
Authors:  Chen, C. Q.;  Cui, J. Z.;  Duan, H. L.;  Feng, X. Q.;  He, L. H.;  Hu, G. K.;  Huang, M. J.;  Huo, Y. Z.;  Ji, B. H.;  Liu, B.;  Peng, X. H.;  Shi, H. J.;  Sun, Q. P.;  Wang, J. X.;  Wang, Y. S.;  Zhao, H. P.;  Zhao, Y. P.;  Zheng, Q. S.;  Zou, W. N.
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heterogeneous materials  smart materials  biological materials  multiscale mechanics  micro- and nano-mechanics  damage and fracture  constitutive relation  elastic wave  surface effects  
Discontinuous Galerkin time stepping with local projection stabilization for transient convection-diffusion-reaction problems 期刊论文
COMPUTER METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING, 2011, 卷号: 200, 期号: 21-22, 页码: 1747-1756
Authors:  Ahmed, N.;  Matthies, G.;  Tobiska, L.;  Xie, H.
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Discontinuous Galerkin  Stabilized finite elements  Convection-diffusion-reaction equation