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Nonparametric Prediction Distribution from Resolution-Wise Regression with Heterogeneous Data 期刊论文
Authors:  Li, Jialu;  Zhang, Wan;  Wang, Peiyao;  Li, Qizhai;  Zhang, Kai;  Liu, Yufeng
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Binary expansion  Data heterogeneity  Nonparametric statistics  SSANOVA  Sure independence screening  
Dynamic semiparametric transformation models for recurrent event data with a terminal event 期刊论文
Authors:  Jin, Jin;  Song, Xinyuan;  Sun, Liuquan
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dynamic regression  marginal modeling  recurrent events  terminal event  time-varying coefficients  transformation models  
Semiparametric estimation of differences in treatment-specific recurrent event means with a terminal event 期刊论文
STATISTICS AND ITS INTERFACE, 2019, 卷号: 12, 期号: 1, 页码: 1-9
Authors:  Sun, Xiaowei;  Sun, Liuquan
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Additive models  Marginal mean  Recurrent events  Semiparametric method  Terminal event  Treatment effect  
Semiparametric Transformation Models with Time-Varying Coefficients for Recurrent and Terminal Events 期刊论文
BIOMETRICS, 2011, 卷号: 67, 期号: 2, 页码: 404-414
Authors:  Zhao, Xingqiu;  Zhou, Jie;  Sun, Liuquan
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Counting process  Estimating equation  Marginal model  Model checking  Recurrent events  Terminal event  Time-varying coefficients  
A class of Box-Cox transformation models for recurrent event data 期刊论文
LIFETIME DATA ANALYSIS, 2011, 卷号: 17, 期号: 2, 页码: 280-301
Authors:  Sun, Liuquan;  Tong, Xingwei;  Zhou, Xian
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Box-Cox transformation model  Counting process  Marginal model  Model checking  Profile pseudo-partial likelihood  Recurrent events  
A class of additive-accelerated means regression models for recurrent event data 期刊论文
SCIENCE CHINA-MATHEMATICS, 2010, 卷号: 53, 期号: 12, 页码: 3139-3151
Authors:  Liu Li;  Mu XiaoYun;  Sun LiuQuan
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additive-accelerated means model  counting process  marginal model  model checking  recurrent events  
A class of accelerated means regression models for recurrent event data 期刊论文
LIFETIME DATA ANALYSIS, 2008, 卷号: 14, 期号: 3, 页码: 357-375
Authors:  Sun, Liuquan;  Su, Bin
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counting process  marginal model  model checking  semiparametric model  recurrent events  
Semiparametric model-based inference in the presence of missing responses 期刊论文
BIOMETRIKA, 2008, 卷号: 95, 期号: 3, 页码: 721-734
Authors:  Wang, Qihua;  Dai, Pengjie
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asymptotic efficiency  missing response  multiple imputation  semi-empirical likelihood  auxiliary information  asymptotic normality  
Estimation in semiparametric spatial regression 期刊论文
ANNALS OF STATISTICS, 2006, 卷号: 34, 期号: 3, 页码: 1395-1435
Authors:  Gao, Jiti;  Lu, Zudi;  Tjostheim, Dag
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additive approximation  asymptotic theory  conditional autoregression  local linear kernel estimate  marginal integration  semiparametric regression  spatial mixing process  
A baseline-free procedure for transformation models under interval censorship 期刊论文
LIFETIME DATA ANALYSIS, 2005, 卷号: 11, 期号: 4, 页码: 473-488
Authors:  Gu, MG;  Sun, LQ;  Zuo, GX
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interval censored data  marginal likelihood  Markov chain Monte Carlo methods  semiparametric models  stochastic approximation  transformation models