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Stochastic Lag Time Parameterization for Markov State Models of Protein Dynamics 期刊论文
Authors:  Gong, Shiqi;  He, Xinheng;  Meng, Qi;  Ma, Zhiming;  Shao, Bin;  Wang, Tong;  Liu, Tie-Yan
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Evaluation of Catalytic Performance of Hierarchical Zeolites in Friedel-Crafts Fixed-bed Alkylation 期刊论文
CHEMISTRYSELECT, 2022, 卷号: 7, 期号: 41, 页码: 8
Authors:  Leng, Kunyue;  Ren, Yu;  Wang, Wei;  Wang, Ruisi;  Gao, Kaiye;  Li, Xiaolin
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Continuous Reaction  Deactivation Study  Friedel-Crafts Alkylation  Hierarchical Zeolites  
Joint Optimization of Production Lot Sizing and Preventive Maintenance Threshold Based on Nonlinear Degradation 期刊论文
APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, 2022, 卷号: 12, 期号: 17, 页码: 12
Authors:  Qu, Li;  Liao, Junli;  Gao, Kaiye;  Yang, Li
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lot sizing  preventive maintenance  degradation modeling  joint optimization  
Accurate and Efficient Estimation of Lennard-Jones Interactions for Coarse-Grained Particles via a Potential Matching Method 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL THEORY AND COMPUTATION, 2022, 卷号: 18, 期号: 8, 页码: 4879-4890
Authors:  Zhang, Yuwei;  Wang, Yunchu;  Xia, Fei;  Cao, Zexing;  Xu, Xin
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An inverse averaging finite element method for solving three-dimensional Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations in nanopore system simulations 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 2021, 卷号: 155, 期号: 19, 页码: 13
Authors:  Zhang, Qianru;  Wang, Qin;  Zhang, Linbo;  Lu, Benzhuo
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DeepDigest: Prediction of Protein Proteolytic Digestion with Deep Learning 期刊论文
ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 2021, 卷号: 93, 期号: 15, 页码: 6094-6103
Authors:  Yang, Jinghan;  Gao, Zhiqiang;  Ren, Xiuhan;  Sheng, Jie;  Xu, Ping;  Chang, Cheng;  Fu, Yan
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The influence of inner material with different average thermal conductivity on the performance of whole insulation system for liquid hydrogen on orbit storage 期刊论文
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, 2021, 卷号: 46, 期号: 18, 页码: 10913-10923
Authors:  Wang, Ping;  Ji, Lun;  Yuan, Jing;  An, Zhenguo;  Yan, Kaiqi;  Zhang, Jingjie
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Passive insulation system  Inner material  Multilayer insulation  Thermal insulation performance  Liquid hydrogen on orbit storage  
Charged porous asymmetric membrane for enhancing salinity gradient energy conversion 期刊论文
NANO ENERGY, 2021, 卷号: 79, 页码: 9
Authors:  Hou, Shuhua;  Zhang, Qianru;  Zhang, Zhen;  Kong, Xiangyu;  Lu, Benzhuo;  Wen, Liping;  Jiang, Lei
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Uniport ions  Asymmetric electric potential  Ion transport  Salinity gradient energy  
Molecular Sparse Representation by a 3D Ellipsoid Radial Basis Function Neural Network via L1 Regularization 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION AND MODELING, 2020, 卷号: 60, 期号: 12, 页码: 6054-6064
Authors:  Gui, Sheng;  Chen, Zhaodi;  Lu, Benzhuo;  Chen, Minxin
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Improved Ion Transport in Hydrogel-Based Nanofluidics for Osmotic Energy Conversion 期刊论文
ACS CENTRAL SCIENCE, 2020, 卷号: 6, 期号: 11, 页码: 2097-2104
Authors:  Chen, Weipeng;  Zhang, Qianru;  Qian, Yongchao;  Xin, Weiwen;  Hao, Dezhao;  Zhao, Xiaolu;  Zhu, Congcong;  Kong, Xiang-Yu;  Lu, Benzhuo;  Jiang, Lei;  Wen, Liping
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